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Private Home Care, Inc.

 Private Home Care, Inc. is a personal care agency based in Belfast, Maine. As a business with a very specific clientele, it is important that their information is easy to find when potential clients search for personal care services. But Private Home Care heard that people were having a hard time finding both information and the location of their office. 

 Katherine Strout of Private Home Care met Jim LeClair of Smart DataMap Services at a local Chamber of Commerce event and learned that Smart DataMap Services optimizes business information (Data) and pinpoints locations (Map) online.

Smart DataMap Services performed a DataMap Discovery to see what was causing the confusion for Private Home Care. The discovery showed that the GPS maps had the address in the wrong location, directing potential clients away from Belfast and Private Home Care’s office. 


 Further, many service directories had no listings for Private Home Care.

Smart DataMapping Services optimized BOTH the map location and the business information. Now, not only can clients easily find the location and new website for Private Home Care, but they know the business exists! Says owner Katherine Strout, “We’re right at the top when you type in anything about our type of business. Most people didn’t realize we were here.”

What would Private Home Care, Inc. tell other business owners about Smart DataMapping?

“This is what you need. It’s reasonable, effective, not some big [gimmick] to get 1,000 friends on Facebook. [Jim] put us into all the nooks and crannies and when people look for the service, we’re here.”

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